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one of the best examples of the creative thinking is 2009 HONDA campaign announcing the company back in business after the crisis.
this is the Winner of the winners UK Awards for National Newspaper Advertising. Wieden + Kennedy ad agency got all their awards.


"Rashers of bacon, Delivered to a car factory in Swindon, Tucked in between slices of bread, In the Honda canteen, That is open again, After four months of rest, The factory is hungry, Hungry to start producing again, It feels good to open the doors again, Welcoming back the bacon delivery man, Giving him business again".
That is really unusual and smart, how it is possible to make people look at the factory from the inside, to let them feel the mood and spirit of work in such an elegant and simple way. The realization is all about copywrite.
This is something for our copywriters to note down. Knowing how to create the best ideas.

SOAP creative studio. 


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