volvo -as naughty as you want it!
I remember myself talking to a friend saying that if I choose any car i'd pick Vovlo because it's safe and it's a good family car. He said haha thats exactly what Volvo advertisers want you to think.
Will a safe family car say "tell me what you like. call me now"?

SapientNitro AD agency decided to change stereotype. Volvo became naughty. Driving sedan S60 you want to do things the family guy doesn't. They asked for your naughty ideas at and on the facebook fan page and they tested the best of them and recorded the test drives (asking you NEVER repeat it).

more naughty test drives at volvo


The client is not emmm.. always right
When it comes to design, everyone feels himself if not a professional than at least "a man with a sense of style" and gives you a huge down by saying "I don't like it". Then he asks to change something. And again. And again. And finally a designer has a feeling like "cient, this is Illustrator, Illustrator - this is client. I quit." 

some nice people put it all together and created - lots of quotations after the best clients ever. We had much fun.

"When we said “sexy” we really meant “slick.” Can you make those changes?" 

There are millions of ad agencies in the world. This business is becoming more and more popular since its cool and it seems like big money are in the business. Well they are. The huge amount of competitors is not the reason to give up the business we are into, otherwise it stimulates us to be great at what we do, to create reasons why our clients should choose us.
There are at least 25 companies who succeed in that, who's names are well known among all ad lovers. They are being really passionate about ad business, they work not just for money but for enjoyment, reaching an orgasm each time a client instead of making a thousands of comments just says "it's brilliant".

Long ago in 1948 a man aged 37, born in UK and moved to the USA when 27, after a great work experience as a chef, researcher, and farmer, having just 6000$, no clients and a stuff of 2, started his own ad company.
62 years later this is one of the monsters with more than 450 offices in more than 169 cities.
This man's name is David Ogilvy.

He believed that our job is to make advertising that sells, and the advertising that sells best is advertising that builds brands. Over the years Ogilvy has helped to build some of the most recognizable brands in the world: American Express, Sears, Ford, Shell, Barbie, Pond's, Dove, and Maxwell House among them, and more recently, IBM and Kodak.

"At 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock."

Ogilvy believed that successful advertising for any product is based on information about its consumer. He followed the basic rules of advertising: research and position the product, develop a brand image, and have a big idea.

A dwarf standing on a giant's shoulders can see further than the giant.
SOAP creative studio

 How to make customers buy cellphones in your shop since the competition is HUGE? That question was asked to The Grey Vancouver agency so they could perform their innovative and creative thinking. In the exclusive interview thy told how they came to the idea which turned to be highly effective and just adorable- they were thinking of people and their relations with their phones and they realized that people keep there almost their entire lives! So that people really LOVE their phones! 

That was the platform idea on which they created the video which makes you think of your phone as something precious. But it also stops your attention on the fact that a phone's life is shorter and that's why you need WIRELESSWAVE stores to fall in love all over again.

we are so happy that our colleges from Vancouver are so great in the business. That means that there are even more people creating better AD.

SOAP creative studio

one of the best examples of the creative thinking is 2009 HONDA campaign announcing the company back in business after the crisis.
this is the Winner of the winners UK Awards for National Newspaper Advertising. Wieden + Kennedy ad agency got all their awards.


"Rashers of bacon, Delivered to a car factory in Swindon, Tucked in between slices of bread, In the Honda canteen, That is open again, After four months of rest, The factory is hungry, Hungry to start producing again, It feels good to open the doors again, Welcoming back the bacon delivery man, Giving him business again".
That is really unusual and smart, how it is possible to make people look at the factory from the inside, to let them feel the mood and spirit of work in such an elegant and simple way. The realization is all about copywrite.
This is something for our copywriters to note down. Knowing how to create the best ideas.

SOAP creative studio. 


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